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So back in the sixties in the heart of London, you couldn't walk down the street without bumping into one of The Rolling Stones buying a newspaper or a member of Fleetwood Mac washing his car...

The music scene was vibrant, exciting and new. The culture was very much based upon music originating from the blues, certainly the likes of The Yardbirds, The Faces, The Animals, The Bluesbreakers contributed massively to the wider culture in London, England, America and then actually the rest of the world.

These groups took the soul and the feeling of the blues and somehow reinvented in a very special way, a way that fitted perfectly with the changing culture of the world.

People wanted something more, they had been given rock n roll and loved it, they had been given icons such as Elvis and craved for music that came from the same place, the heart.

Of course lots of the sixties blues based groups went on to be very successful, often veering slightly away from their blues origins to more commercial and ultimately popular music.

Anyway, that time came and went. As did the culture and the music. And as people often say these things come back around if you wait long enough....

Fast forward to 2017 and take a stroll through the streets of London and you may be surprised at the type of music that is being played in both old and new music venues. Blues bars are currently amongst the most popular places to go in London.

Venues such as The Blues Kitchen in Camden Town or the Aint Nothin but... blues bar just off Oxford Street, are packed out every night. It's becoming obvious that there is a growing appetite for this raw, real and authentic music from the heart. People have had enough of over produced, disposable pop music and now they want something more. Just as they did in the sixties.

Perhaps it's less obvious on the surface but the scene itself is being fuelled by some immensely talented blues musicians, who are finally getting their moment of glory. For a hardworking blues band, there is somewhere to play every night in London and lots of them do just that.

One such band is The Bad Day Blues Band.

An authentic electric blues group, playing original, harmonica driven songs. They have been likened to a lot of bands from the original sixties blues scene, such as The Bluesbreakers, Cream and The Animals. They have that same excitement surrounding them, that same buzz of something new coming from something very old.

The Bad Day Blues Band have reached number 1 in the blues charts with single, 'Late night sister'.

They are endorsed by Ernie Ball, Gamma bass, Seydel Harmonica and Blackstar Amplification.

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May 18, 2018
Showtime @ 7:30pm
Doors Open @ 6pm
Tickets $50 in advance, $55 day of show
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* $92.50
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* All Ages
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