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Forged from the influences of two of history's greatest bands, Beatallica are the world's first live mash-up or "bash-up" band. Their wit, creativity, subversiveness, and flair is just as sharp as the point they make. Beatallica destroy the boundaries of creativity and reveal how original compositions of music can be crafted for those who identify with humor and biting commentary. All the while, they show appreciation and reverence to The Beatles and Metallica, grandfathers of their respective genres.

In August of 2009, Jaymz Lennfield, Kliff McBurtney, Ringo Larz, and Grg III unleashed their sophmore full-length c.d., Masterful Mystery Tour on Oglio Entertainment and distributed by Universal/Fontana. Their technically brilliant musicianship and uncanny ability has lead to the creation of song titles such as "Hero of the Day Tripper", "I Want to Choke Your Band" and "Got to Get You Trapped under Ice". The video for "Hero" can be found on viral and mass media sources everywhere. This triumphant return is a follow-up to Beatallica's debut, Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band, which promptly went to #9 on Billboard's comedy music chart in the U.S.A. and #1 on Tower Records' chart in Japan when released in 2007. The singles "Revol-ooh-tion" and "A Garage Dayz Nite" have become fan favorites and live show classics. In 2008, Beatallica did the unthinkable and unleashed the All You Need is Blood maxi-single. The vocals on the recording were done in 14 different languages and set a new bar for creativity and perseverance.

What started as a small buzz about the band is now a full-fledged roar, with the music listening public from all seven continents cheering the undertaking. Foreign labels such as Sony Japan and Megapress in Germany have become welcome partners. On a regular basis, magazine feature writers, radio personalities, and mass media members of a major and world-wide assortment have chased the speeding Beatallica bandwagon. Metallica members themselves are huge allies, and metal powerhouses such as Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater and Scott Ian of Anthrax cite themselves as fans.

Beatallica have chalked up appearances with Sammy Hagar, Clutch, members of Mastodon, Jerry Cantrell and Billy Duffy, Motorhead, Testament, Steven Adler of Guns and Roses, L.A. Guns, Sepultura, and many more metal/rock favorites. They have reached headlining status for open-air festivals in both the United States and Europe. A stop in Busan, South Korea and press throughout Japan, South America, and Australia highlight the extent of Beatallica's international stronghold.

Beatallica's websites have sustained millions of hits and the band's presence is growing at a rapid pace, with continuing hundreds to thousands of hits from die-hard fans to the various websites per day. A Yahoo.com search will reveal scores of listings of the band. Peers who make their living in the music and media professions have lauded the band's continual efforts of musicianship, solidarity, comedy, and originality. With the growing support of music lovers of all sorts, Beatallica have bigger plans and ambitious goals on the horizon starting with the release of Masterful Mystery Tour.

Beatallica continue to change the face of music on the internet, in live settings, and over radio waves around the globe. They flourish with music lovers from all areas of the world at their side. Throw your fist high into the air, become a Beatallibanger, and open your mind to a one-of-a-kind brand of musical mayhem.

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Beatallica is a mash-up band that plays music made from combinations of songs of The Beatles and Metallica.
Jaymz Lennfield (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar)
Grg Hammetson III (Lead Guitar/Bkg Vox)
Kliff McBurtney (Lead Bass/Bkg Vox)
Ringo Larz (Drums Only)
October 2, 2011
Showtime @ 7pm
Doors Open @ 6pm
Tickets $12 in advance, $15 day of show
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