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You will need one half a cup of eccentricity, a full life of lemons, and a spoonfull of salt; that is the recipe behind the unpredictable Poly Stylez, who commonly refers to himself as The Real ADONIS. In 1983, he was born as Steffan Sylvers, to a family music group earlier known as The Sylvers. Despite his musical royalty, Stylez never knew who his father was until he became a musician himself. "One day I was learning to play 'Ode to Elise,' and my mother heard me from the bedroom and bombarded me with a phone call from my father, who sounded so happy to know I was 'following his footsteps.' I was so disgusted with being considered a replica that I never played music out loud again."

Stylez graduated from the same high school in Riverdale, Georgia, that singer and dancer Ciara attended. He was acquainted with the likes of Atlanta rapper Archie - he claims the two grew up in the same neighborhood. Stylez endured a long road of hopelessness, homelessness, and pain. In 2004 his burdens were lifted as he began school, maintained a stable job, and opened up a studio apartment, recording his first album with the help of a super producer named Joe Cox. From then on, he began recording a medley of singles, bending influences from hip-hop and soul to R&B, reestablishing the reason why he is Poly Stylez (a reference to his multiple talents). He calls every song he does an embryo and consistently adds on to the creative process, claiming a song is never really complete.

In 2006, Stylez packed up and came to New York to be with his family, still writing music. However, he soon found himself in a black hole of unemployment and began singing in the train station for pennies, often covering songs by Al Green, Gladys Knight, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey. Presenting these impromptu performances, Stylez discovered something he never knew he had before: listeners. But his love for an audience came with a price. He had people from everywhere attracted to his amazing voice, and he was not popular with the police or other signed musicians. Learning that sound speakers were a direct violation to the public, he began playing the guitar to avoid legal problems, and by 2009 he had already written six new songs and had dominated another genre of music. Now Poly Stylez is a self-proclaimed folk artist with over 100 songs written and recorded. He is currently blogging his life as The Real ADONIS on his website.

Poly Stylez Website

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